Of Blood and Bone

Of Blood and Bone

Book - 2018
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Apr 13, 2019

Great author.....................love this trilogy I can't wait for the final book in December 2019

Apr 10, 2019

Chronicles of the One book 2

Mar 25, 2019

Story is evolving well. Nice twists.

Jan 28, 2019

A solid follow-up to Year One, and sets the stage well for the upcoming novel(s). My only complaint is, as a Pagan, the witchcraft, spell-casting, and Pagan celebrations are a bit over the top at times. However, I appreciate the inclusion, so I won't complain too much!

Jan 02, 2019

I enjoyed this follow up to The One and look forward to the final chapter. It is similar to previous Nora Roberts paranormal stories, although the protagonist is younger. Oddly, too young for romance, but old enough to try to save the world.

Dec 29, 2018

BORING. I got about halfway through the book then skipped ahead to the very end. I just couldn't have a care about the new characters and/or how the previous ones had grown up. Plus I do get tired of Roberts left leaning slant.

Dec 19, 2018

This is the second book in this series. The young girl know as "The One" spends two years training for what she is destined to do. I enjoyed this book very much.

Dec 18, 2018

First, there will be spoilers in this review, so beware if you haven't read the book yet. Also, it's a good idea to re-read Year One if you haven't if only to keep the recurring characters straight.
If you're a Nora Roberts fan, you'll still get an enjoyable read - barely. The early part of the book including Fallon's training is interesting and engaging. There is actually some character development, a rarity in the rest of the book.
Despite the promising beginning there are some gaping holes and verbal ticks that are repetitive, annoying, redundant. The end of the last sentence shows what I'm try to say, convey, express. Sometimes this rhetorical trick is used as a shortcut to give the reader a lot of information in a brief sentence; for example, they strip houses that are abandoned, decayed, damaged. See how annoying this gets?
Every writer has their foibles and this one is not new to Roberts.
Where it's definitely not okay is using it to gloss over sloppy plotting and meaningless padding. Does it matter that the characters choose abandoned, decayed and damaged houses to rehab? If it does, show me why and quit droning on like a prissy schoolmarm!
There are some areas that are disturbing as she doesn't discuss but dictates with the barest attempt at seeing the other side. She conflates cultism with pacifism, for example. A second example is the rape of a boy that is mentioned and then ignored for the rest of the book. It would be far better not to include rather than dismiss a devastating life experience without follow up. And it's questionable to have Fallon have to choose her entire life path before she's reached the age of consent. The book says bluntly she chose freely; should anyone just reaching puberty be forced to make a decision of this magnitude?
She also makes poor Mallick eschew female companionship and sleep generations to fulfill his role without much explanation - but her heroine is obviously not likely to follow the same path. Why?
Oddly, she did include a nod to one physical law, the conservation of mass, but she blithely disregards gravity. But the frequent internal inconsistencies are disappointing because this could have been a good book with a modicum of effort.
Another unsatisfying aspect is that her characters use magic that is not explained and that they don't earn. It just "happens" at the right time.
Finally, and most damning to me, her hero Fallon is priggish and humorless. Roberts for some reason endows only strong female magical characters this way (see her other books). Everyone else is allowed to be human.
If you want Nora Roberts at her best with a splash of magic/horror, try her Pagan Stone trilogy. It's a keeper.

Dec 18, 2018

This is the second book in a series that began last year with, "Year One."

I was quite surprised with this novel because it is a bit of a sidestep from what I would consider traditional Nora Roberts because Of Bone and Blood reads as more of a Young Adult Novel than a romance.

This book picks up 13 years after the conclusion of Year One with, Fallon Swift beginning her training to become the savior of the world that has grown up around the survivors of the plague from the book Year One.

This book combines Celtic mysticism, magic, and fantasy to create a novel of suspense and, hopefully, healing.

Dec 11, 2018

"The One" who saves the world is female. Yay!!! I think this series could be made into wonderful movies.

Celtic-based magic in this one does not overwhelm the plot. This is Book 2 of a trilogy, which is usually the weakest. But it left me eager for the third book--and a particular romance.

Dec 07, 2018

I didn't notice this was a paranormal offering by this author. I hadn't read any recent works and picked this up without a quick look at the jacket synopsis so needless to say I was sorely disappointed to realize Nora Roberts has gone into a new genre during my absence as a regular reader. Didn't read it so cannot comment on it.

Oct 25, 2018

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