This book was alright, not outstanding. I wouldn't give it anymore than 3 out of 5 stars.
The romance was somewhat convincing but yet had no depth.

I really like the idea of a man fighting for the woman he loves. However, I found this book overly sappy in too many instances where people were 'lost in each other's eyes' it became rather stale and uneffective. its like the author was trying so hard to convince the reader that Bailey was soo in love with who she ended up marrying. IT was forced
I will add that I rather enjoyed how Karen K *( lightly) penned the temptations couples face while dating. I find that it is hard to sometimes discuss this without crossing over some *propriety* line, but she did it alright.
Lastly I like how she shows the development of the characters relationship with God..although I do not agree with "sinners prayer salvation", the issue of the lost need for salvation is encouraging and comforting to read about.

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