The Amateur
The Amateur Barack Obama in the White House By Klein, Edward Book - 2012

I anticipated Klein would provide attributable evidence of Obama's alleged amateurism (and arrogance) of Obama. Unfortunately, Klein relies most heaviliy on unattributed comments and near gossip. I understand the role of and the need to protect confidential sources, but I found it unbelievable that so few comments were "on the record" or attributable. Further, I anticipated that Klien would provide comparisons and contrasts with the actions of politicians that Klein would consider experienced and competent. Specifically, I expected examples of what "better" Presidents (or Presedential Candidates) did or would likely have done when faced with similar issues and events i.e., benchmarks against which to assess Obama without preconceptions or biases. Such examples were virtually non-existent. Unfortunately this book fails in providing a critical analysis of Obama's abilities. Obama supporters will consider it a politically motivated "hatchet job", while Obama detractors will revel in the unattributable anecdotes as they were hard evidence. I expected someone with Klein's jounalistic background to have done better in making his case.

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