Borderlands2 Video Game - 2012 | PS3

What a disappointing game when compared to the much better original! BORDERLANDS 2 tried to overextend itself, creating many pointless characters and arbitrary challenges that have nothing to do with the game's story. The character of Tina is annoying and irrelevant. Why do we need her again? The fact is, we don't, and yet she's shoehorned in, like pretty much everything else in this game. The menus look better and a few minor adjustments have been made that make the soldier class an even better class than in the original BORDERLANDS (you can retract your "special" turret gun if it's not shooting, thus reducing regeneration time), but that's about it. If I never have to shoot one more robot loader (WAR LOADER, EXP LOADER, whatever it be) for the rest of my life, it'll still be too soon. The end is anticlimactic and should end before it's done. The Jack villain starts strong and proceeds to be annoying and ultimately pointless as he is not quite the final boss you anticipated. In summation, as a fan of the first game, BORDERLANDS 2 was just an abysmal disappointment in my opinion, and thus, I would not recommend it.

britprincess1's rating:
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