Sous Vide at Home
Sous Vide at Home The Modern Technique for Perfectly Cooked Meals By Fetterman, Lisa Q. Book - 2016

There are lot of really great recipes in here, and they are all presented clearly and articulately with easy to follow instructions. I have tried many of these now, and while many of them could be easily made without sous vide and don't necessarily benefit from the temperature precision or long hold times of Sous Vide, it is great to see so many new ideas of things that will work sous vide.

Another benefit is that many of the entrees can be cooked in advance, refrigerated and then just reheated with a finishing step. So many are easy weeknight dinners.

The last couple chapters on desserts, cocktails and condiments are perhaps them ost helpful. The home made Dulce de Leche is so simple and a great staple to have. And the home infused Gin and home made Tonic syrup have become a staple.

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