He proposed to me by letter, so if the marriage is unhappy, I shall blame the US mail. Always conform. Keep disobedience secret. Be outwardly docile, but in your heart, you can be as revolutionary as you like.
- But isn't that hypocrisy?
Of course it is. But in America, we cherish it. We think it makes us incorruptible. You must never confuse the outer with the inner piety. Only Episcopalians do that.
-But I am rebellious and far from the grace of God. You are closer to Him than anyone I know.
Always look below the surface, Emily, but don't be afraid of what you find there.
- Chaos?
- Then I shall confront everything.
Don't be too radical, Emily. Radicals don't thrive in this country.
- But you are a radical.
But I'll eventually conform. For the sake of peace or a quiet life.

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