The decisions of a sixteen year old girl result in a lifetime of complications. This intelligently written psychological thriller was mesmerizing. I will never look at cinnamon hearts without thinking of this book!

At 16, Georgina Shaw is raising herself. While her ER doctor, single-parent father is working to save lives, hers is spinning out of control.

Fourteen years after the disappearance of her BFF, Angela, Geo finds herself serving a five year prison sentence - her successful career and high-society wedding disappear.

The plot twists seem inevitable as the story behind Geo's life decisions and experiences are revealed in flash backs.

I was completely absorbed in the tragedy that is Geo's life yet never gave up hope that it would improve when she could find her way back to what should have been if only her mother hadn't died young.

I am definitely finding Jennifer Hillier's previous four novels while I wait for her next one!

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