The Umbrella Academy
The Umbrella Academy Volume 1, Apocalypse Suite By Way, Gerard Book - 2008

I am not an avid Graphic Novel reader but I read this because I love Gerard Way and I figured I want to explore this genre. It was actually not easy to find; I could not find it in any of the stores I tried, so I'm glad I finally got my hands on it because I enjoyed it very much. It has a lot of interesting characters and the story is wacky yet dark.
I also appreciate the fact that music plays a big part in the story because it connects what I know about Way to another artistic side of him.
I also was impressed with Gabriel Bá's beautiful illustrations, I spent a lot of time looking at every detail. I especially loved the illustrations at the beginning of each part that took up a whole page as they broke up each section nicely.
There were just a couple of jumps in the story where it was difficult for me to follow the story (and not because of time travel) but I suspect that it's more because I am not used to how graphic novels, in general, read. Overall I loved it and I can't wait to read the next ones.

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