The guilty
The guilty Skyldige DVD - 2019 | Danish

Jaokob Cedergren is an excellent Danish actor. I have also seen him in "Those Who Kill", an excellent Danish series. The Guilty is a tidy little movie, contained to a 911 call centre (or 112 if you are in Denmark) Other characters in the movie are by phone calls only. Asgar, our main character is a police detective who has been reassigned to the 911 call centre pending an investigation into his shooting of a young suspect. One night he receives an emergency call from a woman who has been kidnapped and is being transported somewhere. Based on that call and a few other details gleaned from subsequent calls, Asgar manages to piece together who she is and who has kidnapped her. Through a series of dropped and misdialed calls, the stories unfolds: the investigation into Asgar's pending investigation, and the kidnapped young woman. Excellent "who done it". Suspenseful, and intriguing as the stories unfold. The DVD is in English or Danish, as well as English, Danish and Swedish subtitles. The subtitling is very well done.

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