If you're looking for a book to read, I recommend this whole series. Book 1 and 2 I read in grade 4 and 5, the rest I read in grade 6. I think books 3 and over to be 10+, because from that point it gets more dark (and more fun)!
Nvm back on topic, the 7th book is completely full of adventure. It's kinda sad that there are only 7 books in the series. But it definitely leaves with you satisfied. It's an amazing read. I must admit, J.K Rowling is an authour with a great writing flow. No book ABSOLOUTLY NO BOOK can compare to this series.
If you love this book so much and want to watch the movies, I'd say it's 11+. Seriously. I have a younger sibling (I'm not going to mention his name, I'd not want to embarrass him, Krishnastar) and he got REALLY scared when he watched the second one. He was about eight when it happened. So, please follow the age guidelines for the movies.
Now let's not get all over the age ratings. I think that it's a really good book. The 7th book may be a little boring when Harry's hiding (oops! Did I spoil it for you?), but then he finishes with doing the one thing he's been dreaming of doing... repaying Voldemort. I'm not spoiling it anymore! Oh, but Ginny and Molly... HAHAHA! Oh, and Ginny and Cho.. a bit of bad blood!
"Not my daughter..."
I really got addicted to this book. I finished it in two days (ask anybody, my mom, my dad, my best friend, etc.) becuase it was such a good read, and I didn't want to leave it off then go do my other work. The only thing wrong about this book, is, if you're a srong reader, then you can't put it down!
There are a few sad parts in the series, like when Dobby dies. On his grave, it says; Here Lies Dobby, A Free Elf. You might be saying: DON'T SPOIL THE WHOLE BOOK! Okay, I won't, but if you think you're too precious to view sorts of stuff like this... You still have to. This is top-class. The ending totally makes up for everything, and I'm sayig there's nothing wrong with the middle. The climax is SO superb.
I'm sad that I finished the series, but I'm happy at the same time. I'm sad because I wish there were more books to read in this series! But, I'm happy because now I finally reached the end of this. Anyway, this book (and series) is a MUST-READ! I'm not really optmistic on every book, so if this is coming from me, you know this is a good book.

P.S. If I haven't persuaded you to read, then I don't know who can.

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