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byeilding made a comment Nov 19 2018
"I have enjoyed many books written by Mr. Sides. This was not one of them. It dragged on forever and I gave up on it after listening to 4 discs." Permalink
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Nov 19 2018
"This book was too slow in the telling. I was hoping to read about the final trek across the ice but there was too much detail to get through so I gave up on it." Permalink
byeilding made a comment Oct 12 2018
"I am a fan of Mr Clinton's politics. This book is a convoluted and highly imporbable tale. Mr Clinton never met a sentence that he couldn't turn into a paragraph. I did not finish this book, something I rarely do." Permalink
byeilding added a title to their For later shelf Aug 19 2018
On November 23rd of 1849, in the heart of Boston, one of the city's richest men simply vanished. Dr. George Parkman, a Brahmin who owned much of Boston's West End, was last seen that afternoon visiting his alma mater, Harvard Medical School....
byeilding made a comment Jul 18 2018
"Ms Fry writes this tale with the perspective of a SJW. The book is slow in parts, skip them. When she gets to the treatment of Nazis she gives too much credence to innuendo. These men were in a fight against absolute evil. And I think she fails to..." Permalink
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