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Say Nothing

a True Story of Murder and Memory in Northern Ireland
May 04, 2021laphampeak rated this title 5 out of 5 stars
It's interesting that Keefe is an American writer born in the decade just after the uprisings began in Northern Ireland. He tells an intelligent and thorough story on everything you want to know about the ethno-nationalist conflict spanning 30 yrs. I dare say it's not a beginner's guide., yet it is written with a flow that the reader can follow. Jerry Adams, Maloney, Dolours, and, of course, the missing mother Jean are a few of the historical characters who fought in the Irish Rebellion justified by a united Ireland and against the British control. There is a lot of "murder for a cause." Those involved were often killed, imprisoned, or went missing. The tidbit I like is that the infamous Dolours Price, who vehemently participated for years as an IRA bomber, who was imprisoned, went on a hunger strike, and later when freed married actor Stephen Rea. How incredible it is that Boston College's Belfast Project has archived the memoirs of key republicans and loyalists during the Troubles. A rather unforgettable piece of history well presented.