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Bruce pointed to chairs and got them seated properly. He sat at one end and Mercer, the guest of honor, had the other, with Thomas to her right. There were eleven in all, the literary mafia of Camino Island plus Nick Sutton. === “Please, Bob,” Myra snapped. “No more prison stories. After your last book I felt like I’d been gang-raped.” === “Did your grandmother, the real Tessa, really have a steamy romance with a younger man, here on the island?” “That was the best part,” Myra interjected quickly. “That first seduction scene made my teeth sweat. Really well done, girl.” === The police began going door-to-door. By law, a resident could not be forced to leave. However, for those who chose to remain, the police took phone numbers of their next of kin and informed them that first responders would not try to save them. The two hospitals were evacuated and the critical patients were taken to Jacksonville.